The Wines

Our winemaking practices are simple, yet knowledge-intensive. We craft our wines to express the variety, the vineyard and the season, and some natural variation among years is normal. Elegance and intensity of character, on the other hand, are the constants in our wines. Shiraz and Sangiovese ripen at different times and are fermented separately. The grapes are hand-picked; then de-stemming and crushing is followed by fermentation at controlled temperature with the use of pumping over, punching down of the cap and occasional rack-and-return until dryness to manage extraction of colour and phenolics. After draining and light basket pressing, the wine is matured in well-seasoned French oak puncheons: this practice promotes the evolution of secondary flavours and aromas while keeping the fruit forward and the wood in its place. The finished wines are clarified by traditional fining methods and bottled to mature for a further 4-6 months before release.